April 25, 2011

New nail art (water mable) and my April life

Lol, I knew I would be lazy posting here. I recently got hooked on Sim 3 and it's sooooo amazing! Sometimes I feel that I don't wanna go out anymore and just play this game!

Anyway, I also have this gradual liking to nail art. But I don't really want to buy stamps and those sticker things, I want to really learn how to paint my nails with cool designs! And after the strawberry nail art (and other failed attempt of other designs) I saw this wonderful nail art called water mable which I first saw on this amazing site! So here's my first try...

with flash
Without flash
Nail polishes that I've used
The Face Shop BR801 for base coat, 24K Majestic Blue (seems more like purple to me, lol!), Caronia Satin White and some cheapo top coat.

To be honest, it really was a failed attempt because I wasn't able to make actual patterns and bubbles formed. :( But then again when I look at my nails, water marbling is so beautiful <3 It's very time consuming, messy and harder than what it looks like unlike those tutorials that I've watched! Also, only brand new and runny nail polish works for this (so that it would drop easily to the water). Testing the bottles were time consuming. At first, I was going for a light blue-glittery dark blue mix and I've already put on a light blue base coat only to realize that the polishes to be use would just sink on water. After several test, that's only when I found out that it's not really about the quality(what I've initially read on other tuts) of the polish but more on the consistency for it to spread on top of the water because 24K is just another cheapo polish made locally for half a dollar but it still works fine. I also noticed that it formed water bubbles, but I don't really know if it's because of the water or I just did something wrong :( It's sad that I have very small nails since it's more difficult to create patterns but I don't wanna use fake nails nor grow my nails extremely long just for that.

Overall, I'm still willing to spend time doing this again! :D I want to do this again before I move on to another type of nail art :))

So there you go! I now like nail art more than make-up because make-ups are just so expensive and high maintenance, you can't just put anything on your face because it might cause your skin some harm. Of course I still have to take care of my nails, but nail polishes are waaaay cheaper! and fun to go crazy with! :D

I'm now eyeing on some Etude House nail polishes and pens (gah! I need pens!) but I'm on a tight budget so maybe around June I'll try to make a small Haul. But then again, I also want to buy a pen tablet (CD-R King, no way I'm gonna buy a Wacom) on June! What to choose? What to choose? :(

Other things that happened during the past few weeks:
Tita Myrna visited from Palawan and we hanged-out at Greenbelt (lol, will never be a Makati girl :P)

Me nad Tita Myrna, my sister on the background

I dunno why when I post portrait pics here it turns to landscape even though I saved it in upright position. :(
Anyway, me, my mom and cuz beng :D

 During the Holy Week we went to eight churches around Manila for Visita Iglesia,
In front of San Sebastian Church, the inside was so beautiful with it's gothic architecture <3 
Inside San Agustin Church
 I could post some more but I haven't edited some of the pics because it's kinda blurred (because most were taken at night) and I hate how I can't post portrait pics properly here :(

I also accompany Beng on her swimming classes, yes my flabby blody is floating on the pool almost everyday that's why I got darker. Going to cons was on my itinerary but Sims 3 came around and now I'm a 'taong-bahay' again :D

That's it folks! I'll probably post again by May because I'm lazy at blogging (even though I have so many things to talk about). It also seems like I'm using Blogger as a public diary unlike most people that shows their beauty hauls or a review of certain things, generally their hobbies and obsessions. Nothing wrong with, I actually feel that my blog is the one that's wrong because of the lack of direction and effort (haha! I can't even layout my page properly). But at the same time this page has become very special to me... Even though at Facebook you can connect to friends and families better, I really am a loner type of person. I don't have a circle of friends, just a few but I still can't share all of myself to them either. Here at Blogger, I'm able to say whatever I want (actually, I can't because most of the time I'm too lazy to write, haha!). I used to have a Livejournal but it turned out to be a 'hate page' where I write all the things that I hate about my life... which is not really a good thing to do.

I hope I could obtain more optimism and realize the finer things in life through my blog! Much love for those who took time to read my blog! <3
No make-up with my 'puyat' face! :P

April 04, 2011

From March to April

I knew I'll be lazy posting blogs... but I want to change all of that! Anyway this is all the things that happened to me this week...

OMG! I don't know why critics are so harsh on that film! It's amazing! It's so unexpecting and crazy! Me and my family (which are all girls) love it! We talked about it almost everytime. Tangled was nice, but we never bothered about it after watching it. Suckerpunch is just so different... problem is, like most of Snyder's films, it's a "like it or hate it" kind of film. I like Watchmen but I've heard fans of the comic version didn't like it.... oh well... I just can't forget how pretty Babydoll (Emily Browning) is, and she's 23 years old!!! I envy her doll-like beauty *sighs*
(Spoiler Alert)
The main reasons why many people disliked the movie is because a) didn't understood anything at all, b) the awkward change in reality didn't make sense c) bad acting/the other characters has no dept. (b) was the reason why we (me and my mom) loved it so much. You never know what's gonna happen next. Besides, the fantasy scences were beautiful and cool. From monster japanese samurais, steampunk, middle-earth-like world, to sci-fi. It was crazy! I think the reason why there was no focus on the other characters was because it was Babydoll's POV (and some of Sweet Pea's too) and she was somewhat on the brink of insanity because of the death of her mother and sister, and his evil stepfather.

My sister, for some reason, loved the soundtrack. I think it was ok.

The story was said to have lacked a decent plot. It didn't really matter since we all know that Snyder is more of a visual kind of guy. 300 had a simple story, but it was a visual feast. Maybe if the movie was longer a better story would have been made because more time was spent on the fantasy/fight sequences on this movie. Anyway, I don't want to argue with these kind of technical things because I'm no Shakespeare (or mean critic). My sister loved the soundtrack and it's a huge part of the movie because it's the mood setter and songs were pretty good (and rock obviously). The characters, well, Babydoll and Rocket were the most lovable. Others were not much. Everybody was only called by they're nicknames for some (Babydoll's) reason.... I just can't get over how pretty she is! (>_<;

I don't want to make this blog into a Suckerpunch review so moving on...

After that, we ate at Starbucks and because of that, mom cashed out P600... that's a tad too much for just coffee and desserts :P

Mami said we can only eat at Starbucks once a year, LOL!

Me trying to be cute/sexy without any make-up... yeah, failed alot.


FRIDAY! FRIDAY! FRIDAY! FUN~ singing the "worst song ever"
Actually, nothing much happened that day too! Except I tried something that I've never done before... paint my nails like strawberries!
Yeah, kinda messy, but I was able to do it! My sister know that I'm not really to nail polishes and don't even have my own, so I borrowed all of hers :P Here's what I've used: Caress Neon neon apple green and neon pink, and Face Shop light pink.

Me and mami also watched Angels and Demons. I thought it was better than The Da Vinci Code and mami wants to buy the book already (wonder if she'll really buy it though :))

My friends noticed my strawberry nails and noticed that it was the same as my beige umbrella (which was strawberry printed). "You really like strawberries!", they said :) In class we talked about giving a positive feedback... It was somewhat boring, I liked the topic but since the instructor is kinda sick, it wasn't "fun" enough (or maybe because I sitting at the back, doodling, heehee~)

I was thinking of going to Animetics Kick-off but I went to FIP (Quezon city branch) instead because Alabang was just too far. I inquired the Basic Sewing Class and Fashion Accesories class at FIP. The sewing class was really a bargain because for only P10,000 you'll have one-on-one sessions, schedule is Monday, Friday, Saturday and wholeday, and you'll have 6 projects that you can do up to 6 months. Fashion Accesories was a good price too but I really want to learn how to sew. Problem is it might conflict with my schedule once I go back to school again... (Waaah! I don't want to go to school anymore! Can I get a certificate course on Digital arts or something instead? :s) SOFA's summer workshop are just too expensive for my taste and it's in Makati, kinda far away, too.

When I got home they were watching The Lost Future which was a pos-apocalyptic type of movie. I'll never believe that men will loose technology and go back to being savages (and even unlearn to read) because of a killer virus that wipes most of the population. Unfortunately, that happened on the movie.

Late afternoon my fave cousin went to our house and we (my family including Beng, my cousin) went to Gilmore to get a new CPU because my sister keeps nagging mami to buy a better computer so she could play Sims 3 (LOL!) So now I'm using the new CPU. Still haven't explore much about Window 7 and the difference with Vista. Heck, the only reason this was bought is to play better games!

Before we went home, we ate at Tapa King and bought some cute desserts <3 <3 <3

Bear cake, sansrival, chocolate mousse and mango pudding anymore? <3

When we were about to sleep, Beng forced me to read a book about bears D: because storytelling makes her go to sleep :/

SUNDAY will always be the laziest day of the week.
Me and Beng just rolled around the couch while watching some disgusting Discovery Channel shows and  Tagalog comedies.

For now I'm contemplating on whether to get Basic sewing or get study (by summer class) web designing. But I don't know where to find a cheap school for that. I've already seen iAcademy and other known digital arts school and their summer classes are kinda expensive for my taste :(

Overall, I am a bummer who watch too many movies and still don't know what to do with my life!
Oh well...

(just realize how hard it is to write this kind of blog because I have think about all the things that happened for a week)

Tomorrow will be Tito Marlon's birthday and me and mom reserved a strawberry chocolate cake and I'm gonna pick it up later. I hope it's as cute as what we saw in the picture X3 (picture picture again!)

April 01, 2011

Confused (Ta ta ta ta ta?)

My patience for reading how tos was shortened the same time I turned eighteen... to be honest, I still don't know most of the things I can do with this blogspot, even though there's a lot of how tos in this site. :( And I promised myself I won't make another decent blog until I learn most of the basics here...

Anyway.... I'll just enjoy myself with these babies talking for now :)