August 26, 2011

My August Life

Instead of blogging what was happening with my life during the past few weeks, I'm just gonna post compilation of edited photos with short desciptions. Hey, it's less boring than reading long paragraphs. :P
Sorry for the low quality pics, almost all are taken using my Nokia C3 phone. Also I'm not good at photo editing, I just choose whatever effect there is in Photoscape.

Last 2 Weeks ago...

I went to UPLB for my thesis...
A really nice house near the library.
Going back to Manila on a bus.
I like this photoedit because it has a story
 but deym, my face is too bright! 
I've been wanting to learn how to cook so we could have better homemade food in our house...
1. Ube yam pie, 2. Corned tuna carbonara, 3. Cottage Cheese Pancakes
4. Eating at Chinatown, Banawe, Q.C., 4. Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt at SM Manila
6. Old Spaghetti House at SM Manila
But I'm no good cook... well at least they liked the Ube yam pie. 

A week ago...

We went to SM Manila for groceries and because we hang-out there almost ever week...

Me and my sis.
Ugliest photoedit here. :(
Lol, just having fun with Photoscape.
Waiting for mom at the carpark.
Photo taken in sepia mode using Nokia C3.
My mini hauls last week...
1. Thing bought from National Bookstore, 2. from Saizen
3. From Saizen, too. Supposed to do a review but I won't bother
just don't buy it. It sucks, period!
4. New cover for the ironing board, yey~
I also bought a Watercoloring guide at National Bookstore, still haven't read it. And yes, I'm the 'Iron Lady' in this house. :|

Oh, and I also did my nails!
It sucks my 2mp camera phone can't see the details :P
And finally, we watched Captain America at SM Manila last Saturday. It's kinda boring actually. We didn't bother talking about it after, unlike Suckerpunch where we talked about it for weeks. :) 
Anyway, here are my camwhoring moments. ;)
1.,4. At Globe Service Center, 2. After the movie
3. Our feet :D

At Old Spaghetti House. First photo was taken using my mom's phone
that's why it looks different. I just gotta learn how to play with curves!

So yeah... Now you know that:
  • I am fat but still love to eat.
  • Don't really like make-up.
  • Going back and forth to Los Banos is my pasttime.
This week was uneventful. *sigh* I hope the long weekend will be a blast though. 
The cute kitties are back! Yey~

August 23, 2011

Day 5 – 10 items from your wish list.


1. Time
2. To shift to an arts course
3. Have my own bedroom and have my own personal space
4. New set of clothes, mori-inspired of course
5. Floral brogues
6. Pen tablet
7. Sewing machine
8. Learn how to watercolor
9. To control myself from excessive internet use
10. To be more assertive

I just to be happy and live my life, that's all...

August 22, 2011

Day 4 – 10 different kinds of food you like.

Day 4 of the mori girl challenge~
10 kind of foods that I like!
That includes nutella, bueno and all other types of chocolate.

Vanilla Ice Cream

My Aunt's specialty: Cheese Cupcake
Not my aunt's
Lumpiang Sariwa (Fresh Spring Roll)
The only healthy food on this post.


Mashed Potato
I like the gravy extra hot.
Lucky Me Pancit Canton (sweet and spicy)
Yes it's packed with MSG, and it might kill me, but I don't care. :P
This is no ordinary chocolate drink, this is an essential part of the household.
Creamy Dory
I like it with butter and lemon sauce.
Creamy Carbonara
Yup, I'm a sucker for creamy food.

Oh my, I'm such a irresponsible blogger! I did said in my last post that I would set my priorities. I fixed my old my laptop and it's running smoothly again! But I still didn't do what I should have done like doing my Thesis Outline. Sorry I wasn't able to comment back on my older posts, but I really appreciate the comments so thank you! (sorry no cute cat emoticons today :( ) 

I always started this online class called 'Radical Revolution'. Please visit Natalie's site Vanillery Garden. It really is a good site especially if your into Mori Girls, but even if you're not, you'll still find the posts uplifting. :)

Anyway, tata for now. Still have things to do~
Thank you reading <3

August 10, 2011


Having a lot of accounts for different websites is a bad, bad idea!
Now my time will be eaten by these websites!

I always crave to learn and find something new, but of course there's this information overload. I cannot take in much of those beautiful blogs, crafts, DIY, fashion at one sitting. That's why I always avoided registering to Lookbook and I stopped using my Tumblr. I have so little time, and I should have less time on the internet and have a better lifestyle...

Then again, I've always been a computer person. Ever since a kid, I always been in front of the computer whether it's playing online games or social networking. It never affected my studies when I was in gradeschool and highschool. But now it became my escape, especially at college since your not really forced to be friends with others unlike high school. And because I hate my course a lot, I'm almost always in the internet because it's the only place that makes me happy.


I have to make priorities.
I should be more focus on finishing my thesis, instead of roaming in the world wide web.
I should be doing more meaningful things for myself instead of reading on other people's achievements.
I should learn how to manage my time learn and not to procrastinate.

But I can't...

There's always this force that brings me down: my course, my thesis, my mom, our apartment... I dunno...
Sometimes I wish I was just a housewife so I would only worry about my family and the house... And have quality time for myself when they went off to school and work. But of course that doesn't work that way...

Back then I always thought that money will solve anything. I think that was my driving force that's why I always had good grades back when I was younger. But when I started college, reality hit me.
Money wasn't worth the pain of not doing what you love to do...

Sigh... Maybe this is just quarterlife crisis.

I've actually met some people who have this 'crisis'. They say once I get near 30, I will feel better about myself because I know myself more. And once you hit 40, you'll have a midlife crisis. Lol!

Anyway, I decided to shut down my tumblr completely. I know it's a good way to earn followers, but I really don't have anything to do with it. I don't blog for the fame and popularity. I blog as a way to express my interests, and hopefully be more motivated to do well in real life.

For now, I have to clean up the contents of my old laptop. 

Things I hate about mori

This is gonna be quick since I haven't really explored mori enough to see the ugly side of it except that...
  1. I hate how it is often confused with dolly kei and lolita. It is always confused with those other japanese fashion genre because of their love for old fashioned clothes. You could buy for the latest trend on Forever21 but still look mori. It's all about the 'feel' of your look. Also dollies and lolitas are kinda OTT kind of fashion, compared to mori girls where you could just wear a simple short and top and still look mori as long as it feels 'nature'.
  2. I hate how I really need to be adept in photography. It's the only proof of living the mori lifestyle since most mori girls are not into forming 'groupies' and tend to be loners or just with a really small number of friends. 
  3. I hate how mori girls are expected to only listen to British alternative music. I like all types of music, even pop and sometimes RnB.
  4. I hate how mori doesn't have a strong and big online community. But this has its pros, too. Mori girls should not spend too much time in the internet since they're suppose to be nature loving and always basking the sunlight, lol!
  5. I'm not a fan of wearing fur.
Ok that's it folks... Although it's only 5, I still wanted to complete the challenge!


Just to end this blog, I've posted pictures of mori girls, dolly keis, and lolitas to compare and see the difference. I don't really want to enumerate how different the three are since I'm no fashion expert.
Mori girl 
Dolly Kei
The most popular among the three.
Well, the fashion has been around since the early 90's,
the reason for the huge following.
Ciao, for now~

August 09, 2011

In pursuit of something else

Did I just google'd how to cure laziness?
Yes, yes I did.
lol, I didn't even finish 'laziness'

It's my primary sickness. Why do I procastinate? And even if I try to make a schedule, or to-do list, I end up not doing it. Probably it's because I easily let myself sidetrack to other things (must be the reasons why I like so many things). Like last night, instead of doing another blog for the 30 Day challenge, I end up youtubing a lot of Ray William Johnson's videos... Well, I have to admit they are funny, especially the old ones...

So while reading the 'cure of laziness' articles, I've read an interesting point of view from this article:
"how can I act when an underlying anxiety keeps me from starting?" Who said that anxiety, discomfort, or fear has to prevent you from starting? I don't remember being told that I have to stop whatever I'm doing if it makes me feel uncomfortable. Again, I'm not trying to be smug, but trying to point out a common misconception. You see, many people are held back or are stuck in their tracks because they believe EVERYTHING SHOULD FEEL GOOD. 
The article further states that one should focus more on the positive outcome of what I have to do, no matter how hard it is.

The problem with me is that the reason of for my procrastinating is that I almost can't see the positive outcome of what I'm doing. You see, every now and then, I talk about how much I hated my course, and it's mainly the reason why I can't move on. And I can't see the benefit of graduating either since like I said, I hate my course. I don't even know if I'll ever use it after graduating. I have finish all my subjects and I'm doing my thesis right now. My subject is about Anodic Stripping Voltametry of Trace Amount of Arsenic... some chemistry shit you don't need to worry about. Unlike subjects where you go to classes and hopefully pass the exams, thesis requires determination more than anything, and that's what I don't have with my course. I think I have the brains, but dedication? Nada.

Because of my course, all the things in my life are now affected. I'm not motivated anymore to draw sketches, to be more organize and productive on other things, I don't care much about studying anymore...
I feel bad about myself.

I so want to move on now, but my course is holding me to the ground. I still wish one day that I would be able to get away from it.


Speaking of googling for something, I also found this.
I've read a dozen of self-help, and personality development books, I even went to some seminars but sadly I think none of them worked. And I all blame it my stupid course. 


For some reason Blogger crashed, and half of my blog was lost (ugh, I relied to much on auto-save)!!!! And I'm always a 'long' blogger! This is too annoying! Anyway, I typed about the different websites I joined but now the detailed things I wrote are gone so I'm just going to sum it all up:
  • Stumbleupon - cool site. Lets you stumble to different blogs, articles and videos depending on your interest. Very easy to use and highly recommended.
  • Pinterest - a lesser extent of Tumblr except it's 'interests' based and not following-based so atleast you can skip on the random reposts of people you follow. Not as user friendly as Tumblr. Only recommended to those who got sick and tired of Tumblr.
  • Cutout + Keep - an online community for the crafty people. It's definitely Japanese culture loving, and has an online magazine called 'Snippets'. I haven't explored it much but it looks like a really cool site and hopefully this site will help to be crafty. Lol.

Yey~ Two house that I saw on my feeds that I particularly liked. Hope you like it too!

Unique Vintage Details in a Fascinating Apartment Near Barcelona

Beautiful French Country House

Hmpf! I'm still annoyed on what just happened to blogger. This was supposed to be picture heavy, and I did an extra effort on the things I found on Stumbleupon. 
Anyway, hope you all have a good Tuesday, goodnight! 

Ten things I love about mori

I really have to do something about my blogging schedule...

Why I love Mori....

1.  I love the fashion of course!

I love the use of nature, soft colors, and beautiful textiles, and of course, 
the layering clothes! 

2. I love how dreamy it always looks, it always gives me happy thoughts! 

3. I love how versatile the style can be.
You can use light colors
or even dark colors with heavy textiles,
 as long as it has nature and spirit-like feel to it!

4. No need for make-up! Weeeee~
Yu Aoi... probably the most popular Mori girl.
Hahah! Of course you still need make-up, depending on what look you're going for
like this girl.
She definitely had to have porcelain skin and blush to give an ethereal look.

5. The love of nature.
This is the reason why mori girls exists after all. We must all love mother nature.

6. The love seeing the joy of living a simple, rural life.
Back then you would never let me live in a small town for a week
but now I know understand the inner peace the people feel 
when living a simple but caring life.

7. It made me more motivated to be crafty!
I don't have the best hands around, but I'll do my best to create pretty 
and practical things.

8. I love how it's not an expensive fashion.
Mori girls are not really brand conscious, in fact, I see them preferring 
thrifted clothes or 'grandma' clothes.
Reliving old styled clothes and create it to a new fashion statement.

8. It made me see how beautiful the simple things are

9. It gives me a sunnier disposition in life.
I've always been the depressive kind of girl.
But after loving this style, it always seem to make me feel better everytime I see it.
The pessimism may not have completely cured, but I know I'll get better
and live a happy life.

10. Mori is air.