February 13, 2012


It's been a very long time since the last time I've written anything here...
I did say on my last post that I'm going fix my life and actually, I did.
I was able to live, to love, travel from time to time, have a job with a decent pay and now, I've decided to go back to college on the next school year (which is on June).
It's nice to live here in Cebu, I've experienced a lot of things (except Sinulog which is a bummer) and learned a lot specially from the people around me.
There are always set backs of course since the language most people use here is Bisaya, and I felt out of place especially with a group of people. I just drift away sometimes... And this is the reason why I decided to just go back to Manila next month. It's hard to learn if you can't understand them, and for some reason I'm not really interested to learn Bisaya.

But anyway, the reason for the title is that I wanted to tell that this might be my last blog here.
I dunno, after going on hiatus for a few months I realize I can do more things, more productive things if I'm offline. It really sucks I'm not a multi-tasker. I just can't do what others do, able to go out have fun in daytime and surf the net and blog at night. I'm better off when I just focus on a few things, and I decided to just focus to my work and my relationship, and when I go back to Manila; focus on studies and drawings again (I really wish I could, I haven't done anything for a very long time). I should just go online to do research and get inspiration. Yeah, I do feel nice whenever I finish a blog or article specially when somebody comments but really, I'm not much of a writer (I wish I was though). And I realize that most of the popular blogs around here are like ads trying to be a personal blog. I dunno, maybe I'm just following the wrong blogs...

It was nice while it lasted. More than a year of blogging here in Blogger, and I've done nothing much. Of course I won't delete my account, I still like to read on blogs here from time to time. So that's bye bye typing bunch of words that don't mean much, and thank you for all the people who had the time to read my blogs! Sayonara!

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