September 30, 2011



I like keeping secrets.
It makes me feel safe.

I've want to runway, and maybe this time I might be able to do it.
I am old enough to move out my mother's house, the problem is if I have the strength to face this cruel world.
But there's this voice saying to me that I should it, or else I won't be able to make my dreams come true.
And I know my mother will not allow it, unless I secretly runaway.

I've had secret love affairs.
I always had...
From odd to more serious love stories that no one will ever know.
Too many hearts are broken, both mine and theirs.
But still I fall in love so easily.
And there's this one person, a person who reached out his hand...
Now I think I will run away with him.

I've always kept my dreams to myself.
For the sake of being a good daughter for my family.
But now I don't want to live that life anymore.
My mother said I have stopped thinking about my future, that I have stopped going for my dreams.
But no!
When I runaway, the beginning towards my dreams and goals will start in motion.

But then what's keeping me from all of my dreams is myself.

I hate keeping secrets.
It makes me feel more alone.

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