September 01, 2011

Day 6 and 7 of Mori Challenge

Oh my gosh! It's September already! Ugh!
Anyway, I'm lagging behind this Mori challenge because the next question is kinda hard to answer because I'm not really a mori girl, I'm just mori-inspired. Well whatevs~

Day 6 – 10 things you can’t live without in mori.

Like I said, I'm not a mori girl but these are the things that keep me mori-inspired.

1. My Dairy scrapbook. 
    Vanillery Garden suggested to do this (an online mori/self help class) so I could appreciate myself and my life. 

2. My Laptop
    My only source of mori information and other inspiration because I don't have any mori friends.

3. My cream and white (lacey) tops/dresses, or anything clothes that can be mori
    I only have a few mori-styled clothes but I love those clothes even before I started to like mori girl.

4. My late granma's old stuff.
    She left us a lot of vintage bags, laces, used stamps, pins, old styled sandals, and other things I could use for my scrapbook, and even for sewing (if only I have a sewing machine). I miss my granma. :(

5. Japanese Magazine Scans.
    I prefer SEDA over Spoon magazine even if it's the official Mori Magazines. I dunno, I find the clothes too unique in Spoon and not really applicable in everyday life. I want clothes that I could find on a regular store and make it mori style. 

6. Indie Rock Music
    Music is my mood setter, when I was into video games and mmorpgs, I prefer rock songs especially the 'emo' ones. When I became highly addicted to anime music, my playlist was filled with nothing but anime OST and japanese music. When I shifted to Lolita, I started to love visual kei and all the gory, screaming, cursing-like-no-tomorrow, kind of songs (I also started to like Lady Gaga, heheheh). Now that I like Mori girls, I prefer indie rock music, especially the laid back ones. The one thing that will never change is my life for Coldplay! <3

7.  A vintage or even faux-vintage accesories
     It's a great accent to more regular clothes! The good thing is vintage stuff are becoming popular again so they are not so hard to find anymore, even though they're not really vintage, heheh...

8. My wavy hair.
    I really have straight hair but last month I permed to create soft curls, now the curls have became big waves  which I like. The best thing about my curls is that they look natural compared to regular perming. Plus, I don't have to brush my hair everyday, now that's going au naturale! Lol!

9. Plants at our house
    Me and my mom are depressingly bad gardeners (at least my mom tries) but it's great that we still have plants in front of our house in this polluted city.

10. Travelling
    Sometimes for school, sometimes for family outings, I just want to travel anywhere, seeing mountains, bluer skies, new places...

I'm on top of the world... well not really.
It was foggy so no rice terraces pics :(
Day 7 – 10 people who inspire your mori style.

It's more of their lifestyle than the type of clothing that I'm inspired about from them.... Well here it goes...

The one who created Vanillery Garden. Probably one of the best Mori Girls (for me)
on the net. She's more focused on the lifestyle and attitude than the style,
which is what I love. I do want to dress like a mori girl but I don't want to be superficial
and too focus on the material aspect of the lifestyle.
One of the best watercolor illustrator here in Manila.
I don't think she's a mori girls since she seems to be a trend follower in terms of her fashion
but she is obviously mori-inspired with her love of pastel colors
and her style in painting.
Not a mori girl, but definitely living a Mori girls' dream. To live near a forest,
surrounded by a handful of friends that you grew up with. Always dressing in old styled clothes,
living a simple life.
Though I doubt she really lives a simple life since she has the most massive following I'll ever feature here,
and she seems to go to the city once in a while for fashion updates, and such.
I think she's the only 'official' mori girl here in the Philippines.
I dunno much about her except she's also a fashion photography,
has lots of artsy friends,  and drinks too much coffee and milk tea! Lol!
So why does she inspire me? Well, even though she's not my ideal mori girl
she's kinda introduced me to the fashion.
I know some of her friends and they were following her blogs, so I followed it too
and started to fall in love with Mori girls.
Hayao Miyazaki
No he's no mori boy, he's just the greatest anime directors of all time!
What I love about his works is that it's always nature themed
especially the famous Totoro.
And although it's not mori related, I fricking love Lupin III!

Not a mori girl, I don't think she even knows the term. Lol!
But her DIY blog is super awesome and I've always wanted to more crafty and such.
And her blog is a great opportunity to do so!
A mori girl where I got the 30 Day Challenge.
Also one of the active members of the Mori girl Livejournal community,
which I don't follow, lol!
She's actually a lolita but keeps the mori girl community in alive.
It's nice to know someone who's not exactly mori girl but has a deep appreciation for the style.
A mommy with a love for white. Her style is mori but I doubt if she even knows it.
I love her stories with her son's little adventures.
The way she tells her stories and the baby pics are just adorable!

I absolutely know nothing about her but we have the same hobby,
collecting beautiful pictures in the internet.
and her blog is full of beautiful things.

As you can see, I have no popular japanese mori girls in my list. Yui Aoi doesn't really inspire me, she's more natural-kei than mori for me, so does Hagu (Honey and Clover).

Ok I'm done, thanks for reading!


  1. what an interesting post! I love the mori girl style, but I find it so hard to dress mori girl xD

  2. Yeah, because of the layering and sometimes kinda peasant look.
    I kinda shy away from extreme mori style and just buy items locally available and make them look mori-like ^_^

  3. your bloggy blog is sugar, spice and everything nice!
    many compliments your way for all the overt loveliness compact into your page!

    ps how glorious is miyazaki? he's totally my hero
    merci! x