August 26, 2011

My August Life

Instead of blogging what was happening with my life during the past few weeks, I'm just gonna post compilation of edited photos with short desciptions. Hey, it's less boring than reading long paragraphs. :P
Sorry for the low quality pics, almost all are taken using my Nokia C3 phone. Also I'm not good at photo editing, I just choose whatever effect there is in Photoscape.

Last 2 Weeks ago...

I went to UPLB for my thesis...
A really nice house near the library.
Going back to Manila on a bus.
I like this photoedit because it has a story
 but deym, my face is too bright! 
I've been wanting to learn how to cook so we could have better homemade food in our house...
1. Ube yam pie, 2. Corned tuna carbonara, 3. Cottage Cheese Pancakes
4. Eating at Chinatown, Banawe, Q.C., 4. Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt at SM Manila
6. Old Spaghetti House at SM Manila
But I'm no good cook... well at least they liked the Ube yam pie. 

A week ago...

We went to SM Manila for groceries and because we hang-out there almost ever week...

Me and my sis.
Ugliest photoedit here. :(
Lol, just having fun with Photoscape.
Waiting for mom at the carpark.
Photo taken in sepia mode using Nokia C3.
My mini hauls last week...
1. Thing bought from National Bookstore, 2. from Saizen
3. From Saizen, too. Supposed to do a review but I won't bother
just don't buy it. It sucks, period!
4. New cover for the ironing board, yey~
I also bought a Watercoloring guide at National Bookstore, still haven't read it. And yes, I'm the 'Iron Lady' in this house. :|

Oh, and I also did my nails!
It sucks my 2mp camera phone can't see the details :P
And finally, we watched Captain America at SM Manila last Saturday. It's kinda boring actually. We didn't bother talking about it after, unlike Suckerpunch where we talked about it for weeks. :) 
Anyway, here are my camwhoring moments. ;)
1.,4. At Globe Service Center, 2. After the movie
3. Our feet :D

At Old Spaghetti House. First photo was taken using my mom's phone
that's why it looks different. I just gotta learn how to play with curves!

So yeah... Now you know that:
  • I am fat but still love to eat.
  • Don't really like make-up.
  • Going back and forth to Los Banos is my pasttime.
This week was uneventful. *sigh* I hope the long weekend will be a blast though. 
The cute kitties are back! Yey~

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  1. I love the first ones especially! The garden looks so magical with all that sunlight and soft focus X3

    Also, love your lace dress, you're so cute <3 I'm not really into makeup either *too lazy*

    (And lol at the ironing board cover, that was random XD)