August 10, 2011


Having a lot of accounts for different websites is a bad, bad idea!
Now my time will be eaten by these websites!

I always crave to learn and find something new, but of course there's this information overload. I cannot take in much of those beautiful blogs, crafts, DIY, fashion at one sitting. That's why I always avoided registering to Lookbook and I stopped using my Tumblr. I have so little time, and I should have less time on the internet and have a better lifestyle...

Then again, I've always been a computer person. Ever since a kid, I always been in front of the computer whether it's playing online games or social networking. It never affected my studies when I was in gradeschool and highschool. But now it became my escape, especially at college since your not really forced to be friends with others unlike high school. And because I hate my course a lot, I'm almost always in the internet because it's the only place that makes me happy.


I have to make priorities.
I should be more focus on finishing my thesis, instead of roaming in the world wide web.
I should be doing more meaningful things for myself instead of reading on other people's achievements.
I should learn how to manage my time learn and not to procrastinate.

But I can't...

There's always this force that brings me down: my course, my thesis, my mom, our apartment... I dunno...
Sometimes I wish I was just a housewife so I would only worry about my family and the house... And have quality time for myself when they went off to school and work. But of course that doesn't work that way...

Back then I always thought that money will solve anything. I think that was my driving force that's why I always had good grades back when I was younger. But when I started college, reality hit me.
Money wasn't worth the pain of not doing what you love to do...

Sigh... Maybe this is just quarterlife crisis.

I've actually met some people who have this 'crisis'. They say once I get near 30, I will feel better about myself because I know myself more. And once you hit 40, you'll have a midlife crisis. Lol!

Anyway, I decided to shut down my tumblr completely. I know it's a good way to earn followers, but I really don't have anything to do with it. I don't blog for the fame and popularity. I blog as a way to express my interests, and hopefully be more motivated to do well in real life.

For now, I have to clean up the contents of my old laptop. 


  1. I have a tumblr too and it's a great resource for fandoms but it's really impersonal. Near the end ,all I ever posted werereblogged stuff. I went back to blogger because I feel more free to write what I want.

    hope things get better. =))

  2. Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog, glad to see someone else taking part in the mori challenge.
    I agree with everything you say in this post, and feel the same myself a lot of the time. I feel a bit in a rut at the moment creatively and look at pretty things on the internet and get sooo jealous! I always think I should just get and do it myself instead of wishing I was doing it!

  3. nice move. I also have tumblr accnt and I rarely use it. i love your cute kitty emoticons!

    BTW, I'm having my 1,000 followers giveaway
    I hope you can join :)
    ♥MissKatV's 1,000 Followers Giveaway♥


  4. Thank you for the comments!
    @Jackie-yup, blogger is better for me, plus I could save feeds, not just from here (blogspot) but from other sites too. So blogger is really convenient.
    @Serendipity-yeah, I just think to myself that this is just a phase, and slowly try to mend myself. Anyway, goodluck for both of us! :D
    @MissKatv-I'll try to join, I'm not into giveaways because I know I won't win. XD

  5. I also recently gave up my tumblr. I started to feel bad when I didn't post for a few days and lost followers...then I realised what a waste of time the site was and deleted my account ^^;;

  6. @Kojika
    Yeah, that's what I hate about Tumblr, too! The followers are too fickle and impersonal! :(