August 10, 2011

Things I hate about mori

This is gonna be quick since I haven't really explored mori enough to see the ugly side of it except that...
  1. I hate how it is often confused with dolly kei and lolita. It is always confused with those other japanese fashion genre because of their love for old fashioned clothes. You could buy for the latest trend on Forever21 but still look mori. It's all about the 'feel' of your look. Also dollies and lolitas are kinda OTT kind of fashion, compared to mori girls where you could just wear a simple short and top and still look mori as long as it feels 'nature'.
  2. I hate how I really need to be adept in photography. It's the only proof of living the mori lifestyle since most mori girls are not into forming 'groupies' and tend to be loners or just with a really small number of friends. 
  3. I hate how mori girls are expected to only listen to British alternative music. I like all types of music, even pop and sometimes RnB.
  4. I hate how mori doesn't have a strong and big online community. But this has its pros, too. Mori girls should not spend too much time in the internet since they're suppose to be nature loving and always basking the sunlight, lol!
  5. I'm not a fan of wearing fur.
Ok that's it folks... Although it's only 5, I still wanted to complete the challenge!


Just to end this blog, I've posted pictures of mori girls, dolly keis, and lolitas to compare and see the difference. I don't really want to enumerate how different the three are since I'm no fashion expert.
Mori girl 
Dolly Kei
The most popular among the three.
Well, the fashion has been around since the early 90's,
the reason for the huge following.
Ciao, for now~

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