August 07, 2011

Test blogging with my phone

Test posting using my mobile phone. Yey~ I got a new phone, a Nokia C3! I know, I know it's an entry level phone but it's the first time I had a qwerty phone and w/ wifi. Yup, you read it. First time IN MY LIFE! I never really saw the need for wifi phones because I still prefer actual computers to surf the net. But I now realize how amazing a phone can be with just the addition of wifi. I still won't splurge for an android though, and I don't wanna buy cheap phones(myphone, cherry, etc.) ever again, even if it's touchscreen w/ amazing specs! It's also the most user friendly phone that I've every used. Blackberries still kills my sorry little brain. :( The shortcut settings is way better than Samsung Champ. But I love my new phone the most because it's hot pink~ My phone is such a sexy beast, I love it!


Woot~ 11 followers and the last time I posted something was last april. It's so weird, but thanks! :) The reason for the long hiatus was because I was always down for the past couple of months. Going back to school was the b*tch. I hate my course. I wish I have the courage to take a new course like multimedia arts or something. Also I've been addicted to Haley Reinhart (more about her later in a different post) and I went to alot of places last July. It was so much fun meeting new people, going to places I've never been before and my ultimate field trip ended with watching HP7. :D I'll try to make a different post because it's hard to blog using phone. :p


Me and my mom are thinking of buying a dog. The idea came to her after watching Hachiko, lol! She first wanted and Akita Inu just like Hachiko but it costs almost 30k complete with papers and vaccinations (lol, hell no). So we looked for a Bolognese and a Puggle because google said they're perfect for lazy pips pluse they're cute too, but we couldn't find anyone who sells them and sadly, bolognese is only known as a type pasta here. :(

Dowieh, my 'kinda' dad, suggested for a japanese spitz, it's cute and still japanese like Hachiko(still, lol). And just our luck, they cost 3.5-5k w/ vaccinations. My mom was almost sold except that the adult looks too hairy for her liking. But I think she'll settle with a spitz, we'll all find out soon...


Yesterday was the first time I ever used a nose strip. Yup, after 22 years of living on earth it was my first time. :p I'm not satisfied with it, it felt weird and it didn't remove alot of whiteheads...


I wasn't able to post from my phone. It kept crashing whenever I try publishing it (thank goodness for automatic save). :( I can't put my pics directly from my phone, too. Anyway, I'll blog about my ultimate CAR trip next time! Yoh, get excited, lol!
(Hopefully, picture heavy too!)

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