August 09, 2011

In pursuit of something else

Did I just google'd how to cure laziness?
Yes, yes I did.
lol, I didn't even finish 'laziness'

It's my primary sickness. Why do I procastinate? And even if I try to make a schedule, or to-do list, I end up not doing it. Probably it's because I easily let myself sidetrack to other things (must be the reasons why I like so many things). Like last night, instead of doing another blog for the 30 Day challenge, I end up youtubing a lot of Ray William Johnson's videos... Well, I have to admit they are funny, especially the old ones...

So while reading the 'cure of laziness' articles, I've read an interesting point of view from this article:
"how can I act when an underlying anxiety keeps me from starting?" Who said that anxiety, discomfort, or fear has to prevent you from starting? I don't remember being told that I have to stop whatever I'm doing if it makes me feel uncomfortable. Again, I'm not trying to be smug, but trying to point out a common misconception. You see, many people are held back or are stuck in their tracks because they believe EVERYTHING SHOULD FEEL GOOD. 
The article further states that one should focus more on the positive outcome of what I have to do, no matter how hard it is.

The problem with me is that the reason of for my procrastinating is that I almost can't see the positive outcome of what I'm doing. You see, every now and then, I talk about how much I hated my course, and it's mainly the reason why I can't move on. And I can't see the benefit of graduating either since like I said, I hate my course. I don't even know if I'll ever use it after graduating. I have finish all my subjects and I'm doing my thesis right now. My subject is about Anodic Stripping Voltametry of Trace Amount of Arsenic... some chemistry shit you don't need to worry about. Unlike subjects where you go to classes and hopefully pass the exams, thesis requires determination more than anything, and that's what I don't have with my course. I think I have the brains, but dedication? Nada.

Because of my course, all the things in my life are now affected. I'm not motivated anymore to draw sketches, to be more organize and productive on other things, I don't care much about studying anymore...
I feel bad about myself.

I so want to move on now, but my course is holding me to the ground. I still wish one day that I would be able to get away from it.


Speaking of googling for something, I also found this.
I've read a dozen of self-help, and personality development books, I even went to some seminars but sadly I think none of them worked. And I all blame it my stupid course. 


For some reason Blogger crashed, and half of my blog was lost (ugh, I relied to much on auto-save)!!!! And I'm always a 'long' blogger! This is too annoying! Anyway, I typed about the different websites I joined but now the detailed things I wrote are gone so I'm just going to sum it all up:
  • Stumbleupon - cool site. Lets you stumble to different blogs, articles and videos depending on your interest. Very easy to use and highly recommended.
  • Pinterest - a lesser extent of Tumblr except it's 'interests' based and not following-based so atleast you can skip on the random reposts of people you follow. Not as user friendly as Tumblr. Only recommended to those who got sick and tired of Tumblr.
  • Cutout + Keep - an online community for the crafty people. It's definitely Japanese culture loving, and has an online magazine called 'Snippets'. I haven't explored it much but it looks like a really cool site and hopefully this site will help to be crafty. Lol.

Yey~ Two house that I saw on my feeds that I particularly liked. Hope you like it too!

Unique Vintage Details in a Fascinating Apartment Near Barcelona

Beautiful French Country House

Hmpf! I'm still annoyed on what just happened to blogger. This was supposed to be picture heavy, and I did an extra effort on the things I found on Stumbleupon. 
Anyway, hope you all have a good Tuesday, goodnight! 

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