August 07, 2011

Major Overhaul

My blog has now been 'beautified' Let's rejoice!

I was thinking of using more cute emoticons for my site like this cute kitteh, but this site is not supposed to be cutesy... Heck who am I kidding, it's cute! Why not!?!

Joke aside, I promised for a Haley Reinhart fantarding or my amazing journey, but I need more preparation, lol!
For the meantime, I was thinking of my new fascination: Architecture and Interior Design!
My dream bedroom if ever I had two lovely girls. 
A cute but still functional bedroom... I still never had my own bedroom. 
A nice house with nice lighting with a good amount of books. 
I want this kind of bed if ever I live alone in a small apartment, I also love this color scheme!
Antique furniture are the bomb!
And genius architect is genius!

I dunno why I kept looking at Freshome, Digsdigs and Home Designing... I just love fantasizing about my dream home. Nothing wrong with that...


I'm thinking of making a new blog to separate my 'daily life' blog from a hobby blog... but then again my hobbies are really not that defined. I love flowers and cream colors, but I also love those hilariously stupid blog. My Tumblr is a mess now because of my contrasting preferences. I don't even want to use that blog anymore. And the overuse of 'f*ckyeah' is stupid for me. I read that if I want to go to serious blogging, I should use Wordpress... but I find it too serious.

Anyway, to end this blabbering, let me give you an inspiring video of Coldplay, my forever favorite band.

A song about beauty in every human emotion.


  1. Those rooms look really nice and girly while still being functional. Great choices. :)

  2. @Pammy
    There's alot of beautiful choices in the sites I've posted. :D