August 09, 2011

Ten things I love about mori

I really have to do something about my blogging schedule...

Why I love Mori....

1.  I love the fashion of course!

I love the use of nature, soft colors, and beautiful textiles, and of course, 
the layering clothes! 

2. I love how dreamy it always looks, it always gives me happy thoughts! 

3. I love how versatile the style can be.
You can use light colors
or even dark colors with heavy textiles,
 as long as it has nature and spirit-like feel to it!

4. No need for make-up! Weeeee~
Yu Aoi... probably the most popular Mori girl.
Hahah! Of course you still need make-up, depending on what look you're going for
like this girl.
She definitely had to have porcelain skin and blush to give an ethereal look.

5. The love of nature.
This is the reason why mori girls exists after all. We must all love mother nature.

6. The love seeing the joy of living a simple, rural life.
Back then you would never let me live in a small town for a week
but now I know understand the inner peace the people feel 
when living a simple but caring life.

7. It made me more motivated to be crafty!
I don't have the best hands around, but I'll do my best to create pretty 
and practical things.

8. I love how it's not an expensive fashion.
Mori girls are not really brand conscious, in fact, I see them preferring 
thrifted clothes or 'grandma' clothes.
Reliving old styled clothes and create it to a new fashion statement.

8. It made me see how beautiful the simple things are

9. It gives me a sunnier disposition in life.
I've always been the depressive kind of girl.
But after loving this style, it always seem to make me feel better everytime I see it.
The pessimism may not have completely cured, but I know I'll get better
and live a happy life.

10. Mori is air.

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